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Precious Stone Articles

In Short Fiction



1 What European capital was Lutetia an ancient name for? 2 What is the Italian word for coast?

Shrinking City's 'great Definer'

AS SHIRLEY FITZGERALD sees it, Sydney is losing the funny old boatsheds, workshops, factories and even the beaches that make up its "great definer " - the harbour. And there is precious little evidence of political will to save it from the high end of the real estate market.

Good, Bad And The Bodie

At its most bloodthirsty there was a murder a day. A visit to this rundown Wild West town will stay with you forever, writes Barry Stone.

A Princely Day In The British Rain

The gates outside Buckingham Palace are a delightful place to sit and people-watch. In summer and winter, in the rain or bright sunshine, tourists climb the railings like ivy over a stone wall. Young and old, monarchists and not, they clamber and peek and crane, cameras at the ready, more